Sunwayportal: Santerno telecontrol service

Sunwayportal is an exclusive Santerno telecontrol service by which you can monitor your plant via internet ( or by using the software RemoteSunway.
The telecontrol services supplied were developed on the basis of customers' actual needs: you can monitor plant remotely, check correct functioning, be promptly advised in the case of anomalies and be informed about the troubleshooting of any causes of breakdown. You can also modify the parameters of plant devices. To deliver these services, the plant must be equipped with at least one datalogger card ES851 and/or a plant PC.

The website Sunwayportal, with access reserved to customers, offers two types of service: Real Time Service and Historical Service. The former shows data acquired in real time, updated every 15 minutes, while the latter creates a file of the real-time daily production data and displays them in graphic form. The portal also displays the data gathered by the environmental sensors installed in the plant.

The service is supplied in 6 languages: Italian, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and German.

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