Santerno's Service Programme

With its vast organisation throughout the territory and a know-how deriving from over 40 years’ experience in power electronics, Santerno is the ideal and most reliable technical partner to accompany the customer step by step during design, start-up, maintenance and the running of plant or applications.
The professionalism that has distinguished it for years, together with a global presence, have  transformed Santerno into a highly customer service oriented company, with a dense network of partners to supply the right kind of assistance anywhere.
In this perspective the technical assistance services available to customers are many:

  • presales service
  • installation and start-up
  • maintenance contract
  • extension of guarantee
  • after-sales service
  • remote supervision
  • training

Prompt intervention, professionalism, safety and a wide-ranging network of specialised technical centres: these are the strong points of  Santerno service.

Tailor-made Contracts

Our Customers may choose among different types of assistance contracts to fit their needs:

  • Routine maintenance contracts
  • Unscheduled maintenance contracts
  • Full-service contracts
  • Custom contracts

Service PASS, Prompt Assistance

Our Customers who sign an assistance contract or a warranty extension will receive the SERVICE PASS: an e-mail address and a telephone number guaranteeing direct and priority access to the Santerno Service.

O&M Service

The Santerno Service, thanks to its widespread presence in the market and the agreements signed with the major players in the Photovoltaics segment, also offers Operations & Maintenance contracts for the full management of a PV plant.

The "Replacement inverter" service is also offered to all clients new to Santerno inverters.



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