PV Products overview

In the field of photovoltaic energy Santerno has been a national leader in conversion systems for 25 years, with 2 Gigawatts of inverters installed. It offers a vast range of solutions for all requirements: single-phase machines for low power plant (up to 45 kW),three-phase for medium (from 10 to 500 kW), with input string box in low and hook-up in low or medium voltage, and integrated Sunway Station “plug & play” solutions for large plant over 400 kW.

Thanks to consolidated know-how, Santerno's in-house team defines and designs all the mechanics, software, control algorithms and power electronics. The products are devised in a modular key with view to customised solutions, since there is a wide range of integrable components. For worldwide utilisation, moreover, all Santerno solar inverters are built in conformity with the regulations in force in the various countries.

The result of experience gained in the industrial automation field, Santerno solar inverters are easy to maintain and guarantee continuity of performance for greater yield. The key to Santerno's success is product reliability, achieved by the sizing and quality of standard components, together with quality controls on design and production throughout the process, in accordance with strict international standards.

A global network and a complete pre- and after-sales service ensure that customer assistance is never far away. Through an innovative telecontrol system (Sunwayportal) users can obtain, online, plant information and updated data; as well as check the status of correct functioning and production at any moment to verify economic yield. Associated with the telecontrol there is a service of integrated string disconnection monitoring, in function 24 hours a day, with applications for mobile phones, web 2.0 services and notification of anomalies by text message or email.



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