Industrial Products overview

For more than 40 years Santerno has been working side by side with its customers in the field of industrial automation, offering the international market a full range of power electronics converters: versatile products, innovative and reliable, for the most widespread industrial applications such as HVAC, water treatment and high power hoisting and transportation systems.

The Santerno package includes soft starters, scalar and vector inverters, drives for DC motors and electric motors. All of them high performance solutions with top energy efficiency. Santerno pays special attention to the eco-sustainability of its products, offering regenerative applications which make it possible to feed back to the mains grid the energy produced during the braking phase.

Safeguarding the environment for present and future generations is in fact a key element of  enterprise value. Hence the company's great commitment to developing the best technologies for consuming less while yielding more, in such a way as to ensure low environmental impact. Optimisation of the features of Santerno products, and the methods of managing their functioning, is a guarantee that our customers will benefit in terms of both energy and costs.

An international technical service network, consisting of reliable, expert partners, means a prompt response and rapid resolution of any critical state in the functioning of complex applications.



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