Santerno's products range

With its long established power electronics know-how, Elettronica Santerno designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of solutions for four main market segments:

  1. Industrial automation: motor drives for different applications, such as water treatment, HVAC, large-sized belt conveyors, regenerative cranes, mining and pump-jacks.
    In its forty year history Santerno engineering has been applied in numerous and highly varied sectors, underscoring a singular adaptability to different contexts.

  2. Photovoltaic sector: Inverters for solar energy
    The company’s experience in the photovoltaic sector dates back to the 1980s, long before the recent market boom. Which has made Santerno the main inverter player in Italy, with more than 2 GW installed worldwide.

  3. Wind sector: Inverters for wind generators
    Integrated systems for wind applications – with special reference to pitch & yaw inverters (for adjusting the blades and tower respectively of a wind generator) and to mains inverters (for the transformation of kinetic energy into electricity delivered to the grid) – marked a new opportunity for Santerno.

  4. Hybrid electric traction systems
    In 1998 Santerno was one of the first companies to develop a hybrid traction system for an entire fleet of city buses. These 100 vehicles are still in use, having logged over 12 million kilometres.



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